• Fall program August - Dec Winter/spring program Jan - May

  • Tuesdays - Life group - weekly mentorship group where college students and adults feed into our teens. This is from 6:30-8pm. (We meet at Hermoso Park Rec Center at 2020 E. Southern Ave.)

  • Wednesdays - Tutoring - weekly tutoring where adults and college students assist our Elementary through High School students to choose to become learners. We are focused on both relationship building with our tutor/mentors and doing homework. (We meet at South Mountain Community Center at 212 E. Alta Vista Ave Phoenix) This is from 6:30-8pm.

  • Thursdays - Teen Guy/girl groups - we meet weekly to talk about real life issues and concerns from a teen's perspective. We meet in various homes, McDonalds or Burger Kings. This is from 6-7:30pm.

  • Friday - Game Night - We meet at Hermoso Park to play basketball, do crafts/games at Rec Center and just hang out and talk! This is from 5-7pm.

  • Special opportunity with Scottsdale Fashion Center Apple Store to do iPad Classes. Usually on Sundays at 4pm.

  • Special events - these are monthly that can be hiking up South Mountain, going roller skating or in the summer going to Slide Rock or to a lake.

  • Special projects: Painting project on Oct 12, Nov 12 and then in Jan 2020.


Help with finding first time jobs and develop sustainable small businesses

  • One of the most important aspects of becoming responsible is getting your first job!

    • New City - Barrio has developed relationships with local businesses such as McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Wal-mart that help teens find their first job.

    • It is always easier to find a job when you know a friend who has a job.

    • We want to promote entrepreneurship and leadership skills that help create sustainable small businesses.

  • One of the next most important skills is learning how to keep your job!

    • t's not easy to get a job in today's employment setting nor is it easy to keep a job with out learning the following:

      • Setting goals! Following through each day and discovering the early bird does catch the worm :)

      • Doing normal things well, i.e. getting up on time, going to bed on time, following through with school and work commitments!

      • Learning how to respect fellow employees and your bosses.

      • Realizing that you don't quit a job until you have another job lined up that is better than your present job.

Community involvement:

  • House painting of low income families - we paint houses of low income families, mostly seniors, who live in our neighborhood. We have over 20 different groups, i.e. schools, businesses, churches and individuals that help out making a difference through painting the exterior of older homes. We have a relationship with a few painting contractors that provide us the paint for free and a local business that helps with mixing and re-bucketing our donated paint. We have painted over 208 houses in the last 9.5 years with literally 1,000's of volunteers who have both given of their time and talents who also learned from our kids, teens and grandmas. It is exciting to see how lives have been impacted through a paint brush!

  • Helping our homeless friends - we also collect clothing and make food items, i.e. burritos, etc.. and take them to one of the major homeless areas in downtown Phoenix. The goal is to teach that all life has value and dignity and to promote kindness. The end result is that we show real love and compassion to someone that might be at the end of their rope. This is a very rewarding experience.

Summer Program:

  • We are fortunate to have college interns who help staff our 6 week long summer program. We give our youth opportunities to serve, develop leadership skills, enjoy being out of doors and learn from one another.

  • Schedule - June 1 - July 14

    • Mondays - Pecos Pool from 1-4pm. We meet at Hermoso Park at 12:30pm.

    • Tuesdays - Life Group at Hermoso Park from 6:30-8:30pm.

    • Wednesdays - Boating at Bartlett Lake. We meet at 7:30am and return around 2:30pm. Reading lab at 10:30am & art's class at 6:30pm.

    • Thursdays - Dance class from 6:30-8:30pm.

    • Fridays - service day - we visit grandmas at a senior center and take cold water to the homeless in the downtown area.

    • Saturdays - are a free day that we do various activities that are usually special events.

Volunteers can be as young as an elementary student to an 80 year old grandma or grandpa. All that is required is an openness to making a new friend, a hand to help and an ear to listen and learn about someone else's life. 

Please call or email Dave Bennett at 480-236-1400 or